Ask any leader how they achieved their success, and they will point to an inspirational coach, teacher, or mentor. The potential for performance gains through good coaching are huge. Smart companies make thoughtful investments in the development of coaching skills and their systems for hiring, assessing, and rewarding such competencies.

The problem is that people skills are relatively easy to understand, and very difficult to learn and apply. An insensitive or unskilled leader who patronizes or otherwise de-motivates his or her direct reports can be worse than no coach at all.

Morgan Alexander produces custom learning events for senior managers who are interested in improving their ability to coach others. We design our workshops to connect meaningfully to each participant's specific needs and interests. We know that if participants are not interested, not only will they learn nothing, they won't even show up.

In advance of our training programs we meet individually with leaders and their direct reports to create a snapshot of the manager's strengths and shortcomings. We discuss the coaching skills and behaviors that they are currently using as well as their successes and challenges. With this information, drawing on our experience as one of the first firms to specialize in developing individual coaching skills, we construct learning events that meet the specific the needs of the target group.

CEO, a unit of PG&E Corporation

As part of our initiative to create a culture that attracts, develops and retains the very best talent in our industry, we used Morgan Alexander. They designed and delivered intensive workshops on how to get the best from our people in an extremely demanding environment. They have consistently done a great job.


Head of Training and Development,
world leading investment bank

We made a strategic decision in the early 90s to review and invest in how we could get the most from our human capital. Morgan was part of the team we selected to design and then deliver workshops to improve core people and leadership skills for our VP community. We were able to develop a custom program that met the firm's specific needs and delighted the many demanding Wall St. types we sent through the program.