Strategy Facilitation

Morgan Alexander can help your leadership team clarify, commit, and align resources to a market-winning strategy. When people are truly committed, they see their circumstances with new eyes, obstacles become a source of creativity rather than resistance, organizational silos become teams, and unforeseen possibilities come to life.

An effective company vision requires a comprehensive knowledge of competitive forces, market demand, technological leaps, and economic viability. But while in-depth analysis is critical, it is not sufficient to realign resources and drive change. The human dimension must always be considered and managed. Everyone from the corporate suite to business managers to individual contributors need to clearly understand what the plan means to them and their job.

If you are looking for a hefty three-ring binder to put on your bookshelf that is full of competitive industry structures and dynamics, you should turn to one of the giant consulting groups and their legions of freshly minted MBAs. If you are looking to build inspirational leadership and a committed workforce that will effectively execute your strategy, Morgan Alexander can provide a solution.

Organization Effectiveness

Growth, restructuring, and evolution are a constant need for today's enterprises. If you are not looking for transformational business breakthroughs, you are losing ground to your competition. Morgan Alexander offers the temporary resources that our clients need to facilitate difficult discussions, surface issues and manage the change effort.

The research on organizational change is dominated by examples of failure. Well-intentioned initiatives such as process re-engineering, the integration of acquisitions, or the roll-out of new information systems, consistently fail to deliver the anticipated returns. Some of the fault can be attributed to unrealistic expectations. But most of the blame for implementation failure rises from the resistance of vested interests, conflicting priorities and a lack of qualified resources to drive the change through.

Enabling change is equal parts art and science. We believe that the hallmarks of our consulting practice partnership, openness, creativity, and efficiency are essential ingredients for achieving targeted change objectives for our clients.



 CIO, Banc of America Securities

I asked Morgan Alexander to help us build a culture that would assimilate dramatic change in technology, and 100% personnel growth year on year. Because we provide the information backbone for trading and investment banking, we needed a culture to focus on achievement... and we needed to attract and retain rare talent.

President, Visa International

President, GAP International

We asked Morgan Alexander to facilitate a strategic review for our International division. They did an excellent job of taking us through the business issues in a way that built a lasting spirit of cooperation and enthusiasm for the plan.


President, Visa International

As our product offering diversified beyond our traditional business, we encountered some rivalry between groups. I was keen to reestablish alignment around our new strategy and looked for some outside help to facilitate these discussions. Morgan was effective in gaining my people's trust and framing the discussions in a way that got us back on track.

COO, Stanford Healthcare

Getting doctors and hospital administrators to work well together is notoriously difficult. The issues exist at many levels: goals are not aligned, structures are not thought out, roles and processes are messy, and cultures are very different. That's what has been effective about Morgan Alexander. They use their understanding of how each of these levels plays into the other to see changes through to results.