Good leaders aren't good at everything. Everyone can benefit from a good coach. Morgan Alexander's executive coaching service is built on a partnership with our clients to create practical solutions that are suited to your particular needs.

The benefits from good leadership reach far beyond individual performance. Executive decisions, efficiency measures and working relationships have a profound impact on an entire organization, for the better and for the worse.

Every executive faces a unique set of challenges, which is why there is no 'one size fits all' coaching solution. To find the right approach, consider the following list of questions:

  1. When does it make sense to invest in formal coaching? When does it not make sense?
  2. Who is coachable?
  3. To what degree should the coaching approach be facilitative vs. instructional?
  4. How should our organization balance service price and quality?
  5. Should you focus on building a leader's strengths, or fixing weaknesses?
  6. Does the soft stuff really matter?
  7. How private or how transparent should the executive coaching process be?
  8. What's the best method for setting goals and measuring individual progress?
  9. Coaches lead from different backgrounds (psychology, personal transformation, and their own leadership experience). Which is the best fit for our needs?


Morgan Alexander will work with you to answer these questions and design the right approach for your situation. While other firms push canned solutions, our executive coaching programs are always custom-designed for our clients' unique situations and requirements.

For example, instead of using a standardized inventory for assessment, we help our clients identify the competencies and behavioral measures most relevant to their specific role and situation. For some clients having an honest discussion with an experienced partner once a month to bounce ideas off is a sufficient and effective solution. Others may require a structured coaching program with a group of their peers that focuses on achieving a strategic goal.

Whatever the situation, we have demonstrated for 20 years that we produce measurable improvements that have a lasting impact on the careers of our clients and the organizations that they lead.

Vice President, Real Estate, GAP, Old Navy, Banana Republic

My enthusiasm for my work returned. I achieved a more balanced and confident perspective while relationships with my colleagues improved. Leadership probably wasn't my greatest strength (or love) when I started, but shortly after the program I won a nomination for outstanding leadership and teamwork.

CTO, Union Bank

Chris does not rely on pre-packaged forms, processes, theorem, charts, questions and answers. What a pre-packaged approach tends to assume is that the challenges, motivations, capabilities and suspicions among the audience are pretty much uniform. While his approach is more fluid and custom, he does stay the course, [and focus on] the ultimate destination.